Marseille: La Radieuse

Magnificent and vibrant views of Marseille. A beautiful and radiant city in augmented reality.


A Monochrome Tribute to the Elegant Athletic Precision of Ballet Dance.

Surf Spots

The Best Surfing Spots in the World. A colourful tribute to Surfers around the world. Happiness is Catching a Wave.

Om Shanti

Symbols and Visuals of Peace for the Body and the Soul. Let your Mind be Quiet & Still. Om Shanti.


The truth is Out There. UFO, UAP Sightings from All Over the World. Are We Really Alone?

Tropical Islands

Instant feeling of Holidays with these Beautiful Views of Tropical Islands and their Inviting and Colourful Beaches.


Breathtaking views of Mountains to enjoy the Purified and Beneficent Energy of these Mighty Sites.


The beautiful and magical continent of Africa, it’s rich Wild Life and colours.


The most beautiful Sunsets in the world in their dazzling range of colours.

Kaleido Mandala Dream

The colorful and symmetric patterns of the Kaleido Mandala Dream collection are extremely beautiful as still images but truly take off, fascinate & captivate when viewed in Augmented Reality.